Coffee with a Kick

Classic cola flavor combines with the delicious taste of coffee in Java Kick, a new, great tasting and refreshing energy beverage. Lightly carbonated and infused with vitamins, ginseng and natural caffeine, Java Kick helps boost your productivity and stay focused.

coffee and cola, meet energy

Energy drinks don’t have to be boring. That’s why we created Java Kick, an energy drink for coffee lovers who don’t want to sacrifice flavor for the energy needed to stay alert day or night.

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the buzz of coffee
& the refreshing fizz of cola

Founded in 2016, Java Kick is a refreshing alternative to both energy and coffee beverages. Derived from natural caffeine and infused with ginseng and vitamins, Java Kick is a flavorful way to get a “kick.” Offering the dual advantage of a caffeine pick-me-up in regular or sugar free options, plus natural vitamins, Java Kick is a natural boost when you need it most, helping you stay alert and productive whether at home, school or work.

Java Kick and sugar free versions

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coffee & cola
together at last

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A new take on the old classic rum and coke!

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