The Original

Coffee meets cola with an energizing twist plus a daily fix of vitamins. No longer will those long nights at the library or the office get you down – Java Kick rescues even the weariest of caffeine seekers from dozing off at the computer. And at a time when energy drinks have become predictable, Java Kick has emerged as a refreshing drink that awakens your taste buds and boosts your productivity.


Sugar Free

No need to deprive your sweet tooth… Java Kick’s “Sugar Free” beverage is naturally sweetened with [sweetener]. We understand – sugar isn’t for everyone, but never fear! Sugar Free Java Kick contains just as much of an energy boost to kick start productivity without sugar-coating your daily fix of vitamins.


French Vanilla

Why limit yourself to just regular and sugar free?
Our special blend of premium vanilla bean is the perfect match for the afternoon coffee craving. Whether you are having a light lunch or afternoon dessert, you can never go wrong with this particular beverage. It satisfies your sweet tooth and gives you a caffeine boost at the same time. Have fun with this one!



Here's the version for the rebel in all of us! Wake it up! Java Kick Rebel has the robust coffee flavor you want, together with the caffeine kick you need to take on the world.

Be a Rebel with a Cause, Join The Coffee[R]Evolution.

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